Paralympic Archery

Archery is one of the oldest sports known to mankind. Archery is extremely accessible and easily adapted for most individuals with a disability. In most cases it comes down to technique and very little adaptive equipment is needed. If an archer does need adaptations we can provide bite tabs, trigger releases, and other equipment as necessary.

Archery helps develop focus, consistency, and strength in athletes of all ages. It is very simple to learn yet requires a lifetime to truly master this sport. It is both relaxing and competitive and it's easy for entire families and groups of friends to get together to enjoy this versatile sport.

Archery equipment is provided at both group and individual lessons. Our equipment is designed to introduce the athlete to the sport. Athletes are encouraged to acquire their own equipment as they become more involved with the sport to customize their bow to their unique shooting styles.


2019-20 Group Instruction & Shooting

The 2019-20 archery program has been unable to secure dates and a location at this time. As soon as we have locked a location and dates in place this page will be updated.  







 Individual Instruction for Beginners

For any athlete interested in learning one-on-one we are able to offer basic instruction 1:1 upon request/availability. Call Jeff at (907) 344-7270 if you are interested.


Archery Resources

Full Curl Archery in Anchorage is a great resource and has an indoor range and instruction/equipment available.

Black Sheep Bowmen Archery Club on JBER hosts local competitions year round.

Northwest Archers has learn to shoot programs and hosts seasonal outdoor competitions.

Screaming Eagle Archery in Palmer.

Bear Paw Archery in Wasilla.