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Paralympic Sport Club Alaska Wheelchair Soccer

Welcome to the Paralympic Sport Club Alaska Power Soccer page. We are happy to once again offer power soccer to the Anchorage community. We will meet on Wednesday evenings at Spenard Recreation Center from 7:30 - 9:00 pm. Dates will be October 21 - November 4, 2015. Cost: $3 at door

We will include manual wheelchair users to fill in as needed. Soccer guard will be provided. Please arrive as close to 7:30 as possible to allow time to attach guards. Please be aware that we will take all precautions possible but guards may scratch wheelchairs when mounted to them. All participants must have good control of their wheelchairs and operate them safely throughout the game. Failure to do so may result in being asked to leave the game.



Wheelchair Soccer 101

The rules to wheelchair soccer (also called power soccer and power football) are as similar to traditional soccer as possible and are modified only as necessary to accommodate players using wheelchairs. Some of the key differences are:

  • Games are 4 vs. 4 players with one designated goalie.
  • Players may play the ball off of any part of their wheelchair.
  • The wheelchair is considered "part of the player's body" and cannot be charged or rammed (no contact).
  • The guard attached to the front of the chair allows players to control the ball while dribbling down field. The guard also allows players to "kick" the ball to pass or attempt to score.
  • The ball used in Power Soccer is 13" in diameter (vs. the standard size of 8.65 inches).
  • The Power Soccer field is a regulation size basketball court (played indoors in a gym).

Wheelchair Soccer is nationally governed by the USPSA (U.S. Power Soccer Association) and internationally by the FIPFA (Federation International de Power Football Association). Visit the USPSA and FIPFA websites to learn more about rules, history of the sport and international play.

If you are unfamiliar with Wheelchair Soccer, take a moment to watch the video below to see how the game is played.


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