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Sport Specific Information


Please watch the following videos. Each is placed here to help improve your understanding of the sport of Power Soccer. Each features an aspect of the sport. Watch each video several times to really see everything and then try to replicate ONE of these skills each night until you have it perfected. Remember what Coach Dave says: "Perfect Practice!"


Power Soccer - Elio Navrro Spinkick



Power Soccer - Elio Navarro Dribbling


Power Soccer - Elio Navarro Spinkick from pass


Power Soccer - Elio Navarro Passing



Arizona Heat Power Soccer '09 Western Regional Game - Two videos on their website to watch


The following videos show some very exciting goals as well as skills demonstrated by the Tampa bay Crossfire team.

Power Soccer - Top Ten Goals 2009 FIPFA Americas Cup


Power Soccer - Tampa Bay Crossfire


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