2012 Alaska Paralympic Experience

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Paralympian Elexis GilletteRecently, the Paralympic Sport Alaska program was given the opportunity to work with Elexis Gillette during the Winter Paralympic Experience that was held in Girdwood, Alaska March 10-11. Lex was an invaluable addition to our Paralympic event in an immense amount of ways. Not only was Lex an inspiring and influential role model to our participants, but also motivated friends, family, and other staff surrounding him. Lex shared his personal story regarding his visual impairment, the highs and lows throughout the following years, his road to the Paralympics, and his current goals and hopes for his future. Throughout the event Lex was constantly talking and relating with young athletes and patiently and thoroughly answering questions for parents and guardians. Lex always had an approachable and high-spirited aura about him throughout the weekend. His answers were refreshingly honest, yet he was able to turn them all into a positive outlook for our Alaskan athletes. We at Challenge Alaska were honored to host Lex over the weekend and appreciate his willingness to add to our event. We wish Lex and all other competing Paralympians the best in this summer’s Paralympic games. We would like to extend our gratitude to US Paralympics and specifically to John Register for his tireless efforts and providing us with an athlete as remarkable as Elexis Gillette.