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Ski School Instructor January Update

Challenge Alaska January Update Now On Website!


Volunteer Update Email      January 5, 2009
Email Subject: Happy New Year Challenge Instructors:   Ski School is Rocking!!
As 2009 is underway so are lessons at Challenge Alaska. Starting next week we will be having ski/snowboard groups here daily thru April 5th!! Thanks to everyone who took part in our most successful ever training clinics this year. If you received little or no training, not to worry. There are many opportunities to sign up as a lesson shadow to continue.   This brings up some important details to talk about:
1st Year Instructors: Time to Shadow.  Sign up in the lesson book to shadow an instructor on a lesson. You can do this in person or by phone/email.  Combined with the training you have taken it is time to get involved on the hill with participants. Shadowing lessons is a very important part of your training and gives you “on the job” experience.” Remember you can take this at your own pace.   When you are ready to advance from shadow to instructor we will match you with an easy lesson to start with.
BIG DAYS IN JANUARY    January Training / Lesson Schedule   * check link for schedule on our website
1/13 10am,  1/15 10am,  1/16 12am,  1/17 12 full day,  1/18 12 full day,  1/21 10am,  1/22 10am,  1/23 13 full day (pancake breakfast),  1/24 12full day,  1/25 10 full day,  1/26 10 full day,  1/27 6am,  1/28 12am,  1/29 10 am,  1/30 12am
Listed above is date, time, and # of help needed. If you have time to teach sign up, call, or email
Lesson Schedule in January: We have lessons daily and need to have instructors /shadows to fill out the schedule. Many volunteers are starting to call and/or look ahead and sign up for future lessons after they get done teaching. With only 4 staff this year this helps tremendously, as we are always looking out a week or so to see if lessons are covered. Lots of school groups and weekend groups through out the month. See the training schedule for big group dates.
9am-10am Pancake Breakfast Day 1/23/09: We are holding a special pancake breakfast for instructors who sign up to teach on Friday, January 23rd. Bake Shop sourdough cakes, eggs, cold and warm beverages, sausages, is on the menu.  We have Rabbit Creek Elem. for am lessons and the Vets in the pm. Sign up for this new event and bring a hungry stomach.   Leftovers for lunch! We are also looking for 3 volunteers to help with the cooking. Also looking for a few griddles to cook pancakes on.
Training Schedule in January: The clinic schedule will be out shortly. We are taking the first few weeks to give people the opportunity to shadow (the next step in training). The clinic schedule will include: busy days to shadow/teach, PSIA Prep clinics for those who want to get certified, and a few clinics with adaptive gear. Stay tuned for more information on the bulletin boards or thru email.
PSIA Certifications With Challenge Alaska 2009: For everyone who signed up to become certified in Adaptive level 1, Alpine level 1 and Alpine level 2 we are ready to move forward. Schedules have been posted for the alpine certifications and dates are almost finalized for Adaptive 1. New this year, we are almost ready to roll out a program that will allow volunteers to become certified in both Adaptive and Alpine Level 1 in one combined program of prep clinics and an exam. We will be contacting those who signed up very soon, and welcome anyone else who may be interested to sign up or talk to Lou or Jeremy ASAP!
 Advanced Sign Up Incentive Program is Here!! Come and sign up for 12 lessons (12 am/pm or 6 full days) and be included in the drawing for awesome volunteer perks. Top prizes: 2 volunteers will win cat skiing with Chugach Powder Guides ($325.00 value).  Other prizes include helmets, goggles, clothing, challenge gear…… The goal of this is 2 fold: we want you to have a shot at some cool stuff and we are promoting the idea of signing up for lessons in advance. The crazy thing: there have only been 12 people to sign up for the program so far. Be the next to sign up… you have pretty good odds of winning the top prizes.
Happy Holidays to everyone and best wishes in 2009! Thanks instructors who helped during the holiday season and look forward to seeing everyone soon.
Yours truly,
The Challenge Staff
Lou, Leslie, Jon, & Jeremy