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Winter X Games Review, by Andrew Kurka

I cannot describe the feeling of finally arriving in Aspen, Colorado and being apart of the Winter X Games. That feeling evaporated quickly after an early training accident in which I fractured a vertebra in my spine. I was sure that the entire trip was going to go down the tube. But after talking with the head of the mono cross division at the X Games I found out that I was still able to show up and be part of the event. I became a witness to the spectacle that was Winter X Games 15 and (more importantly) learned what it was I would have to do for next year, how to register and what the courses would be like. Though I was unable to ski due to my injury, I had the chance to spend some time in the athlete lounge getting to know some pretty cool people while my coach was helping with the event. While I was there I had a chance to make some good connections for sponsorship and was invited back for next year. I watched the events, not to mention meeting my future competition.

All in all it was well worth the time and expense to travel to the Games. I now know what I will do to be more successful in the future and look forward to "showing my stuff" at Winter X Games 16 in 2012. I am very happy I had a chance to experience this great event ad I am very grateful to everyone who helped to make it possible.