If you are interested in an internship with Challenge Alaska, please read this page in it's entirety prior to contacting us with questions. Most questions we receive are answered on this page. If you would like to apply for an internship follow all directions contained herein to be considered.


Challenge Alaska is a non-profit organization that provides adaptive sports, therapeutic recreation and education for people with disabilities. Each student will have the opportunity to experience everything Challenge Alaska has to offer. For over 30 years we have provided recreational based programming as well as leisure education in our community. Challenge Alaska works with each individual to help them gain the skills they need to recreate as independently as possible. At Challenge Alaska we believe that everyone, regardless of physical, mental or financial barriers should have the opportunity to experience the beauty and excitement of recreation.

We currently offer only TR internships at our Anchorage office in the winter (January - April), summer (May - September) and fall (September - December). Internships with our adaptive ski & snowboard school in Girdwood are available to students majoring in several disciplines other than T.R. and are available in the winter months. Contact the ski school directly for more information about these internships.  


Students Pursuing a Therapeutic Recreation Major / Minor:

Our internships provide TR students with an opportunity to work at a stand-alone, community-based non-profit organization that provides therapeutic recreation to community members with disabilities. The primary focus will be on adult community recreation for people with disabilities in a wide variety of settings. It should be noted that the level of involvement in different programs and environments can vary from semester to semester based on a variety of factors.

Student interns will have the opportunity to practice skills such as individual and programmatic assessments, assisting clients with meeting goals, and documentation. Students will also have the opportunity to lead ongoing community programs, work 1:1 with participants, and direct client care in the community with supervision. Students will be part of the day-to-day operations at Challenge Alaska including program design/planning/implementation, community outreach, and the wide variety of tasks that are part of working at a small non-profit organization. Seasonally (as available), there will be additional opportunities to engage in outdoor based programs such as group camping, multiday backcountry trips, kayaking, and sports development clinics.

T.R. Interns will all have the opportunity to participate in Challenge Alaska Special Events when feasible. In the winter there opportunities to interact with our ski school at Alyeska Resort, located in Girdwood, Alaska.



 "In no way could I have anticipated the growth and amazing experiences my internship with Challenge Alaska has provided me. Everyday brought about unique challenges that improved my problem solving skills and creativity. As my internship progressed, I noticed more confidence and professionalism in myself, and I truly believe this would not have been possible without Challenge. One of the most rewarding parts of my internship was getting to build relationships with clients and to see the joy they felt from our programs; the excitement from a client trying something for the first time is unparalleled."

- Abbey L., Summer 2017




All students will be under the Direct Supervision of a Certified Therapeutic Recreational Specialist (CTRS). This will include, and not limited to, weekly supervision meetings, education sessions, and professional development. Challenge Alaska has two Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists on staff with different roles and responsibilities. All will help to provide development and growth for any and all students.



        Probable Winter Programs:

        Probable Summer Programs:

        Probable Fall Programs:

  • Book Club
  • Book Club
  • Book Club
  • Community Wheelchair Basketball                  
  • Para Cycling Race Program
  • Community Wheelchair Basketball                  
  • Adaptive Dog mushing
  • Youth Disabled Sports Day Camp
  • Paralympic Spotlight Sports                
  • Cross Country Skiing
  • Camping/Backpacking Trips
  • Camping/Backpacking Trips              
  •  Archery
  •  Fishing Trips
  • Archery        
  • Sled Hockey
  • Summer Splash
  • Sled Hockey             
  • Warrior Hockey
  • Hiking Groups
  • Warrior Hockey              
  • Special Hockey
  • Special Events
  • After-School Wheelchair Basketball 
  • Ice Fishing
  • Recreational Bike Groups
  • Indoor Climbing Program
  • Alpine Skiing
  •  Track / Running Program
  • Special Events



Important Dates:



Winter 2018

 September 22, 2017

16 weeks between Jan - Apr 2018

(announcements made by mid Oct)


Summer 2018

February 16, 2018

14 weeks between May - Sept 2018 

(announcements made by early March)


Fall 2018

June 4, 2018

14 weeks between Sept - Dec 2018 

(announcements made by mid June)


Winter 2019

September 21, 2018

16 weeks between Jan - Apr 2019 

(announcements made by mid Oct)


***** We currently offer summer, fall & winter T.R. Internships. Dates from year to year are similar to those listed above. 



 "An internship with Challenge Alaska has provided me with the confidence and tools to work with people with both physical and developmental disabilities on a professional level. My experience interacting and working with the amazing participants at Challenge has given me as much in return as I was able to give to them and the agency. I was given the opportunity to contribute in the planning and implementation phases of programming and I felt that what I had to say was valued by the staff."

 - Brandon F., Metropolitan State University - Denver, Summer 2016 Intern







  "My time here at Challenge Alaska has been an incredible experience with having the opportunity to work with a wide range of people with disabilities. I have been challenged with new experiences and tough situations throughout the internship that have improved my knowledge and skills, helping me succeed in the field of therapeutic recreation. I have not only learned alot about the field of TR but also myself as a person, helping me to better interact with clients on a professional level." 

- Jordan M., University of Wisconsin - La Crosse, Summer 2016 Intern 


All prospective interns need to complete and send the internship application to Challenge Alaska, along with the requirements listed on the application. Students who meet the requirements will be notified and an interview date will be set. Failure to send all requirements listed on the application will result in not receiving an interview.Students selected for an internship will be notified at least 6 weeks prior to start of their internship. Additionally, the student must provide proof of the following before their start date:

 Please note:



Click here to download the T.R. Internship Application



Job Description


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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. completed application OR send via US Mail to: 

Challenge AlaskaIntern Coordinator

3350 Commercial Dr. Suite 208

Anchorage, AK 99501 


OR fax to: (907) 344-7349