Alaska Challenge

 Updated: October 12, 2016

Alaska Challenge Update

The Challenge Alaska Board of Directors announces the establishment of a Task Force to retool the Alaska Challenge, the longest handcycle race in the world. The Alaska Challenge Task Force will consist of Challenge Alaska Board members, race sponsors, racers, volunteers and Challenge Alaska staff. The Alaska Challenge Task Force will examine all aspects of the Alaska Challenge race. We are confident that the Task Force will develop a strategy that integrates the great achievements and changes in Paracycling over the last 15 years and provide an elevated level of competition for racers, sponsors and volunteers from around the world. The projected date for the Alaska Challenge will be summer 2019.

The importance of The Alaska Challenge to individuals with disabilities is best summed up by Challenge Alaska Board Member Nate Boltz, “As a parent of a nine year-old girl named Anna, who was born with physical disabilities, I cannot stress enough the importance this race plays in her life, as well as other Alaskans and individuals with disabilities world-wide. It demonstrates what is possible for Anna in a world where she is so often faced with perceived limitations and by people who view her as incapable. Anna sees, believes, and knows what is possible! This race teaches all of us what is possible, and for that reason it must continue.”

To learn more about ongoing recreational and competitive opportunities for handcycling in Alaska click here.

For more information about the Alaska Challenge please contact:

Beth Edmands-Merritt

CEO, Challenge Alaska

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